Supporting associations


Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) is a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of one of the fastest growing economic fields in Bulgaria – the automotive industry, car manufacturers, suppliers and providers of services for it. The cluster unites many of the over hundred automotive manufacturers in Bulgaria, producing components for almost every known car brand. Most of the members are Tier 1, 2 or 3 suppliers. There is also a car assembly plant included. Over 37 000 people work in the industry with over 2 bln euro income for the companies in 2017, which is over 4% of the GDP. The main goals of the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria is supporting the automotive companies, attracting automobile manufacturers and leading international automotive component suppliers in Bulgaria. ACB represents its members and supports their projects. The cluster works in synergy with the government, universities, private education institutions and its members to improve the education and training, connected to tech industries