Bulgaria 1229 Sofia, 71, Khan Kubrat Str.
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HEED AUTO offers a wide range of services for personal and company-owned vehicles. For 27 years now we have been executing quality auto repairs: from yearly oil and filter services for your automobile, to engine, transmission, and suspension overhauls.

We operate on a well-equipped base, and with competent employees, who have proved their skilled workmanship over the years. Our quality spare auto parts and the work put in by our skilled mechanics guarantee the excellent quality of our services.

HEED Аuto’s drag racing team has won dozens of cups at Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian drag championships, and is a vivid reflection of our auto-specialists’ competence, experience, and knowledge in the area of auto engineering. We are proud owners and engineers of the fastest drag automobiles in the Balkans.

HEED is an official Bulgarian distributor for EBC Brakes – the leading brand in brake system manufacturing. EBC employs over 400 people and manufactures the widest range of brake discs and pads in the world with over 5000 products for all vehicles. EBC Brakes have two factories for brake discs and pads manufacturing in the UK and USA. EBC have a modern outlook and techniques and innovative technologies, and their products demonstrate impressive effectiveness, making them a leader on the market for braking systems. They pay extra attention to control, quality, and offering professional service to their clients.


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www.heed-auto.com; www.ebcbrakes.bg



C 11
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