Всичко за вашия автосервиз

All about your car service center

Everything must be available in one place. This opinion is shared by everyone involved in the car service business. To meet the expectations of their customers and business partners, the company Euromarket Automotive offers a large variety of ideas and equipment at their stand during Automotive Expo Sofia

Емвеко представя на Аутомотив Експо София: производител от „Топ 100 иновативни компании“ в Германия

Emveko is about to present at Automotive Expo Sofia: a manufacturer ranked in the „Top 100 Innovative Companies“ in Germany

The first edition at Automotive Expo Sofia will bring together leading technologies of automotive sector. This is also proved by the participation of the Emveco company, that will present a product by amanufacturer,that has been ranked in 2018 for the second time in the prestigious ranking “Top 100 Innovative Companies” in Germany.

Величествен, бърз и задвижван от електричество – болидът от Formula E, който компания АББ ще представи

Sublime, fast and driven by electricity - the Formula E racing car , that is to be presented by ABB company

It is fast. It is ecological because it is driven entirely by the power of electricity. Its design is unparalleled and breaks down all our traditional understandings. And it seems it comes from the future. This is the Formula E racing car, which will be presented by ABB during the first edition of Automotive Expo Sofia at Inter Expo Center from 18 to 21 October.

Синтетичните масла за превозни средства от MIDLAND

Synthetic oils for vehicles by MIDLAND

The engine is the heart of every vehicle. That is why we need to take the best possible care of it. High-quality oils should be used for this purpose. Taking into consideration the high technology and modern requirements, MIDLAND will offer a wide variety of automotive oils.

ХЕЕД-91 ни предлага всичко за спирачната система

HEED-91 offers us everything for the braking system

Safety is always first! This is the rule underlying the activity of each company in the automotive equipment and after-sales service sector. The braking system and the use of quality materials and components for it are of paramount importance.

Интелигентните системи на Viasat Technology

Viasat Technology presents its intelligent systems

High technology is the foundation of any modern economic segment. This holds true to the fullest extent for systems that are deployed for fleet control, transportation, and road safety. It is precisely these systems which will also be among Viasat Technology's highlights during its participation at the Automotive Expo Sofia.

Надникваме в демонстрационния ван на "Ван оборудване Про"

A peek into Van Oborudvane PRO's demo van

It has four wheels. And it is equipped for the needs of auto maintenance. Because it is actually a mobile workshop. This is the demonstration van of "Van Oborudvane PRO", which the company will present during the Automotive Expo Sofia.

CarProfi организира среща-семинар на СТЕК – производителя на зарядни устройства за оловно-кисели батерии

Acid battery charger manufacturer CTEK seminar organized by CarProfi

Automotive Sofia Expo will be the arena in which the companies from the sector will present their latest proposals for four days, from 18 to 21 October. CarProfi has chosen to highlight the products by STEK – the long-standing manufacturer of lead acid battery chargers. In order to familiarize customers and business partners with the qualities and capabilities of the products, the company which will offer the products in Hall 2, Stand A1, is organizing a special workshop.

Мобилност за утрешния ден

Tomorrow's mobility

Globalization, urbanization, digitalization, resource scarcity, renewable energies and the growing demand for accessible mobility lead to changes, much more dynamic market requirements and business models.

Създадени в България – бронираните машини на Самел 90

Made in Bulgaria – Samel-90's armored vehicles

They are armored, have massive exterior and impressive technical features. And most importantly – they are made in Bulgaria. Yes, these are the armored vehicles SAMARM, which will be presented by the Bulgarian company Samel-90 to the general public from 18 to 21 October at Inter Expo Center.

Повече от първи избор - Schaeffler

Schaeffler – more than the number one choice

When the vehicle needs servicing, Schaeffler's products and repair solutions are at the heart of events. As a leading partner in the development of the automotive industry, the company has long-time independent experience in the aftermarket and is known for its innovation.

Подаряваме на автомобила си приятна атмосфера

Providing a pleasant car ambiance

In order for driving to be a pleasure, and not an obligation, we need to create a pleasant atmosphere in the car. Placing the right aromaizer is the basic requirement for the right environment.

Гарантиран успех със сервизната мрежа Bosch Service, представена от Ауто Плюс

Guaranteed success with the Bosch Service network presented by Auto Plus

Bosch Service are car service shops partnering with the world's largest service network on the independent secondary market. There are over 17,000 Bosch Service shops in 150 countries. More than 7,000 of them are in Europe. The service organization has 45 Bosch Service shops in Bulgaria, which makes it the largest service chain of its kind here.