Professional microprocessor-controlled charger

DECA SC 3230B осигурява безопасно зареждане и стартиране на оловно-киселинни батерии и предпазва електронните компоненти на автомобила от смущения и свръх волтаж

DECA SC 3230B. That is the name of the professional microprocessor-controlled charger which will be presented by Auto Battery Trade at the Automotive Expo Sofia exhibition.

The device is designed for charging lead-acid batteries of the WET, AGM, GEL, Ca/Ca type and traction batteries Deep Cycle. It offers safe charging and starting and protects the electronic components on the vehicle against interference and overvoltage that may be created at the charging or start boosting procedures.

The voltage thresholds for the charging steps may be modified in order to adapt them to the special batteries charging process (Optima, MaXXima).

The battery charger checks if the battery is sulphated and if it can take the charge, and has four multi-step charging programs, letting you charge optimally batteries of all capacities. It has a Booster function and Back-up, which powers the vehicle electronics while the battery is being replaced. It can also be used for power supply during vehicle diagnostics. The temperature sensor automatically compensates any charging voltage according to ambient temperature.

DECA SC 3230B has a “memory” function which ensures that the device starts the last running program when power supply is renewed after an emergency power cut.

You can find the products offered by Auto Battery Trade in Hall 2, Stand С12.



Nominal battery voltage: 6/12/24 Volt

Average charging voltage: 30А

Effective charging current: 45А

Voltage limitation: Adjustable

Boosting current: 250А