Mobility and high technologies combined in the PaintTROTTER Refinish Spray Booth

„PaintTROTTER Refinish“ - високоефективната мобилна камера за боядисване на автомобили

For your painting jobs, МВМ will present the mobile spray booth Cabinas Lagos - PaintTROTTER Refinish. Thanks to the functional solutions it offers, it opens new possibilities for professionals.

The high-efficiency mobile spray booth for vehicles offers easy and functional solutions for 80% of the total activity of the bodyshop. Installation is easy and fast. It only needs 30 minutes to put into operation.

The mobile booth provides a closed work space, which prevents spills and mess in the shop. It is equipped with a special air ventilation and circulation system. Thus, it achieves a clean work environment on the processed surface and does not allow the spread of splashes and vapors in the shop.

PaintTROTTER Refinish is equipped with a lighting system which provides excellent visibility of the work surface, without shaded areas. It has a drying option via infrared beams with electronic time and work intensity control.

You can find products and services offered by MBM in Hall 3, Stand А3.