Synthetic oils for vehicles by MIDLAND

MIDLAND ECONOVA SAE 0W-30 – напълно синтетично Longlife моторно масло, което съчетава синтетични компоненти от най-високо качество и избрани високопродуктивни добавки

The engine is the heart of every vehicle. That is why we need to take the best possible care of it. High-quality oils should be used for this purpose. Taking into consideration the high technology and modern requirements, MIDLAND will offer a wide variety of automotive oils.

Among the offers we can find MIDLAND ECONOVA SAE 0W-30 - a fully synthetic Longlife engine oil. It combines high quality synthetic ingredients and selected high-performance additives. "The product is approved for the most fuel-efficient engines of passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles equipped with a diesel engine with a DPF filter, as well as gasoline engines," the company commented. The LOW ASH special additives and low content of sulphate ash base oils provide excellent wear protection at extended engine oil change intervals.

MIDLAND will also present its CRYPTO4 SAE 0W-20. As a fully synthetic engine oil it combines high-quality synthetic components and additives. Approved for use with the latest "fuel economy" gasoline and diesel engines fitted with DPF, that are installed in light and light commercial vehicles as well as SUVs. Specific additives and base oils with a low content of sulphate ash provide excellent protection and durability at extended engine oil change intervals.

For turbine engines

MIDLAND SYNQRON SAE 5W-30 is specially designed for modern engines. Fully synthetic engine oil, it is designed for the new generation of turbocharged engines, including hybrid and GDI systems. Protects engines and post-treatments of gases even under harsh conditions and prevents the risk of LSPI.

For proper maintenance of the car engine, MIDLAND company will offer its products in Hall 3, Stand A1.