Integrated care for cars with the car-wash unity of Interbulit Team

Компания Интербулит Екип ще представи оптималното си предложение – автомиячен комплекс, който предоставя възможност за цялостна грижа на превозното средство

Keeping our car in good condition requires regular internal and external cleaning. At Automotive Expo Sofia the company Interbulit Team will present its optimal proposal - a car-wash unit that provides the opportunity for an integrated care of our vehicle.

The company concept includes three elements:

- a combined one-gate automatic brush car wash for cars and vans up to 2.80 m high.

- a self-service car wash for manual washing (for 2 work cells)

-vacuum cleaner for self-cleaning service (for 1 work cell)

The combined one-gate automatic car wash for cars and vans has a working height of up to 2800mm and three special soft brushes. This allows the customer to choose the type of complete contactless washing only with high water pressure and drying, washing only with special soft brushes and drying or combined washing with a total high pressure of water, soft brushes and drying.

The high-end carwash features inverters for smooth movement of the gate, brushes, and drying inox beam. This improves the quality of the washing and extends the life of the mechanical parts.

High-tech and efficient systems

The system works with six programs that provide a variety of washing and drying at a different price. It is equipped with adjustable pumps for four types of chemical preparations. Safety is provided by double LED traffic lights at the entrance, indicating the start and end of the washing process.

The included Slanted system allows tilting of the vertical brushes for adaptation to the vehicle profile. The Overlapping system allows double washing from the vertical brushes on the front and rear of the vehicle.

The car wash is equipped with a variety of options, including CARLITE soft brushes with special aluminum shafts, XBT display (reading / writing), side water protections for vertical polycarbonate brushes, antifreeze, telescopic disc brushes for wheel washing up to 21 " on vehicles, with inversion of brush rotation and more.

The concept includes a self-service car wash (for two working cells). The facility provides five basic wash programs for each cell.

- pre-wash with a chemical spray gun and hot water under medium pressure

- brushing and chemical preparation with a foam-forming effect, under low pressure

- rinsing with high pressure water

- washing with wax for easier drying of the vehicle

- final rinse (without stains) with osmosis water

"The duration of each program can be changed," the company said. All Interbulit Team products can be found in Hall 3, Stand D10.