Sublime, fast and driven by electricity - the Formula E racing car , that is to be presented by ABB company

Болидът от Formula E е бърз, екологичен, защото се задвижва изцяло от силата на електричеството, дизайнът му е без аналог и разбива на пух и прах всички приети представи

It is fast. It is ecological because it is driven entirely by the power of electricity. Its design is unparalleled and breaks down all our traditional understandings. And it seems it comes from the future. This is the Formula E racing car, which will be presented by ABB during the first edition of Automotive Expo Sofia at Inter Expo Center from 18 to 21 October.

Yes, indeed. The newest Formula F bolide model is coming to Bulgaria. It is the second-generation electric car that will be racing for the first time in December in Saudi Arabia.

Exceptional features

We have already mentioned that this racing car is driven only by electricity. Now you may want to find out what its technical characteristics are. Well, prepare your mind in advance, because the features will blow your mind! Maximum speed - 280 km / h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h -2.8 sec. And all this is achieved by the exceptional 5160 mm length, 1770 mm width and 1050 mm height. The car weighs 900 kilograms (including batteries and driver). The maximum power is 250 KW; the same is the maximum power regeneration. In addition to its incredible aerodynamic shape, the stability of the car is also ensured by MICHELIN's 18-inch tires that are specially developed for it.

"ABB and Formula E are leading the future of electric mobility - the leader in ABB's fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the world's first all-electric Formula E auto-racing  class will unite to shape the future of electric mobility," says ABB company. The company is operating the fast charging infrastructure in Bulgaria and thanks to its strategic partners in the country, there are more than 23 fast charging stations that can be used for fast charging on the roads of Bulgaria. Their number is expected to exceed 35 by the end of the year.

All test-drive electric cars mobiles at Automotive Expo will be charged with the ABB's fast Terra 53 charging station, which is well known to the electric car owners. This charging station ensures fast charging of the car's battery and is an important step towards the development of more accessible infrastructure and more electric vehicles in Bulgaria.

Within AUTOMOTIVE EXPO SOFIA, ABB will present its products and services in Hall 2, stand A5.

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