Over 80 companies present the latest novelties in the automotive industry and after-sales service at Automotive Forum & Expo Sofia

По време на Automotive Forum & Expo Sofia ще бъдат изложени авточасти и компоненти, автосервизно оборудване, аксесоари и консумативи за леки, лекотоварни и тежкотоварни автомобили

The event will be held from 18th to 21st October at Inter Expo Center

This month, representatives of the automotive industry from around the world will meet at Inter Expo Center for Automotive Forum & Expo Sofia, an event first of its kind, supported by Automechanika, the world's leading automotive brand and the most successful brand of Messe Frankfurt. Within four consecutive days, from 18th to 21st October over 80 companies will demonstrate the latest technology and innovation from the industry, as well as their current after-sales service offers. During Automotive Forum & Expo Sofia there will also be exhibited car parts and components, car service equipment, accessories and consumables for light, light commercial and heavy goods vehicles. At the same time, visitors will enjoy a rich accompanying program as well as a specially designated demo zone organized by the Bulgarian Motor Sports Federation, where there will be simulators for demonstrations related to road safety.

Automotive Expo Sofia participants will present a variety of products: parts for car suspension, a wide range of clutches, top quality lubricants and antifreeze liquids, an assortment of products for complete engine and filter care, complete vehicle care solutions, including trimmings , sealing systems and innovations, delivering economy and environmental friendliness, then highly innovative products such as sensors that monitor the tire pressure; a machine for internal hydrogen cleaning of engines, which allows the removal of carbon deposits, soot and scale without dismantling the engine.

And more - for the first time a tire protection system will be shown to the Bulgarian public , the automated contactless carwash, which provides savings of up to 60% for electricity and 50% for water compared to manual cleaning will also be among the highlights of the Automotive Forum & Expo. During the event, a new comprehensive Japanese project will be demonstrated for the first time - the Datsun 280Z, completely restored and transformed into a Vilner style.

These and many other products and innovations from the automotive industry world will await us at the first edition of Automotive Forum & Expo from 18 to 21 October at Inter Expo Center.

Details can be found on the exhibition site.


More information:

 About Inter Expo Center / www.iec.bg /:

 Inter Expo and Congress Center is the only exhibition center in Sofia, a symbol of modern and successful business practices hosting many exhibitions and events that cover different spheres of economy. The exhibition complex has 6 exhibition and 8 congress halls on a total area of 42,000 m2, offering its partners many opportunities to present and develop their ideas, as well as to present their projects in the best possible way.


About Automotive Cluster Bulgaria:

 Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) represents the interests of one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Bulgaria - the automotive industry and the production of cars and components for them. The cluster brings together most of the over 100 car-makers in the country that produce components for almost every well-known car brand. The vast majority of them are first, second and third-tier suppliers, and there is also one manufacturer with a car assembly plant in the country. There are over 37,000 employees in the sector. Revenues generated by companies in this segment for 2017 amounted to about 2 billion euros and account for over 4% of the country's GDP. The main objectives of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria are to support automobile companies as well as to attract car manufacturers and leading international automotive components suppliers in Bulgaria. ACB represents the interests of its members and supports their projects. The cluster works with the government, universities, private training institutions and ACB members to improve education and training related to technology.


About Automechanika:

With its 17 exhibitions in 16 countries, Automechanika is the world's leading automotive brand and the most successful trademark of Messe Frankfurt. The event covers the whole chain of automotive after-sale processes, from the point of sale to the services, recycling and disposal. It is specialized for suppliers of vehicle manufacturers, garage and service equipment, as well as for all types of spare parts and maintenance accessories.