Bosch Service включва три вида сервиза за автомобилни услуги: Bosch Car Service (BCS), Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) и Bosch Diesel Center(BDC)

Guaranteed success with the Bosch Service network presented by Auto Plus

Bosch Service are car service shops partnering with the world's largest service network on the independent secondary market. There are over 17,000 Bosch Service shops in 150 countries. More than 7,000 of them are in Europe. The service organization has 45 Bosch Service shops in Bulgaria, which makes it the largest service chain of its kind here.

LEISUWASH LEIBAO – 360 - автоматизираната беконтактна автомивка за автомобили, която съчетава бързина на предоставената услуга и високо качество

LEISUWASH LEIBAO 360 automatic car wash system touch free

Automotive Expo Sofia will undoubtedly be at the heart of the events for the automotive industry this autumn. This will be the event where companies will familiarize the general public with their latest and state-of-the-art proposals. LEISUWASH LEIBAO - 360 is among them. The automatic touch free car wash system offered by AUTOTECH combines fast service and high quality.

Фирма ЕМВЕКО ще представи електро-хидравличният двуколонен подемник  на най-големия световен производител – Rotary Lift, САЩ

The car service is even more successful when the hoist is reliable

The successful operation of our car service depends on the quality and reliable equipment. Car hoists are among the main working tools. This is why, EMVECO will use its participation at Automotive Expo Sofia to present the car hoist of the world's largest manufacturer – Rotary Lift, USA.

Гар Агент ще запознае широката публика със системите за калибрация на ADAS, които предоставят пълно решение за различните нужди на професионалистите в автомобилния сектор

Diagnostics world revealed at Gar Agent's stand

Professional diagnostics enables quick elimination of any vehicle problem, and accordingly, extension of its life. Focusing on quality maintenance through high-tech products, Gar Agent will present its innovative proposals in Hall 2, Stand A6.

За правилната поддръжка на автомобила, фирма ЕМВЕКО ще представи HUNTER ROAD FORCE - окомплектована с натоварваща ролка, която измерва Road Force Measurement®


To understand the effect of radial vibrational forces, we can imagine the tyre as being composed of “springs” between the wheel and the rim. If the “springs” do not have the same hardness the different forces produce vibrations on the vehicle upon rotation of the wheel. Road Force Measurement® is a kind of measurement very close to the actual radial vibrational forces. This is a computer-simulated measurement of the tyre-to-wheel coupling under close-to-real conditions – a road test.

Vilner Design студио може да осъществи по невероятен начин всяка мечта, по отношение на интериорният и екстериорен дизайн, която собственикът на автомобила има

Designer Car Makeover

The car is not just any object. It is a symbol, the spirit and nature of which fill every keen driver with pleasant emotions. What better than our favorite vehicle to display our individuality?

AUTEL MaxiTPMS TS 608 осигурява качествено и бързо професионално диагностициране на състоянието на TPMS – проверка на сензорите и тяхното програмиране, сканиране на TPMS системата, обучение и нулиране на лампата

AUTEL's Diagnostic Equipment, Presented by DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21

Keeping the vehicle in good working order is directly related to the timely diagnostic tests performed with high-quality professional equipment. This is why AUTEL's products and technologies will be among the highlights at the presentation of DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 from 18 to 21 October.

ДУНЕВ МОТОР СПОРТ Р21 ще разкрие предимствата и възможностите на TPMS сензорите, които следят налягането в автомобилните гуми

TPMS sensors monitor tire pressure

DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 will reveal the benefits and capabilities of TPMS sensors which monitor tire pressure from 18 - 21 October. The company offers sensors for all car makes and models.