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TRATAUTO® develops and offers high-quality chemical products for all types of engines. 

 Our products are aimed towards engines for cars, lorries, motorbikes, boats and many more. We offer technological solutions by applying efficient treatments to the different circuits inside any vehicle: cooling, combustion, lubrication… without forgetting internal and external cleaning.

 While offering quality that is highly valued in the sector, when we manufacture our products we pay a significant level of attention to the ecological aspect. 

 Our staff is committed to providing our customers with all the necessary information, dedication and collaboration to successfully obtain satisfactory results in all orders: 

We help our customers improve profitability.

We continuously collaborate in improving the knowledge of our products.

We support sustainable development.

We guarantee a range of ecological products.

We increase our strengths by permanently relying on our high level of knowledge about the product applications.

R&D is our qualitative hallmark.