Innovative Engine Carbon Cleaning, Introduced by DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21

Фирма ДУНЕВ МОТОР СПОРТ Р21 ще представи Carbon Cleaning – машина за водородно вътрешно почистване на двигатели

In order to work properly and seamlessly, an engine needs quality support. During the first edition of Automotive Expo Sofia, DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 will present "Carbon Cleaning" – a machine for hydrogen internal engine cleaning.

The product allows the removal of carbon deposits, soot and residues without the need of dismantling the engine. The intake manifold, nozzles, EGR valve, pistons and segments, combustion chamber, valves (required for Direct Injection FSI, GDI engines), turbocharger, catalytic converter, DPF/FAP, lambda probe can be cleaned with the Carbon Cleaning.

The innovative machine can be used for cars, buses, trucks, agricultural machinery, tractors and motorcycles. Performing Carbon Cleaning reduces fuel consumption and brings engine power back. DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 offers its customers the possibility of mobile engine cleaning at your location.

Professional cleaning of DPF filters

For the full maintenance of the car, the company offers its customers professional machine cleaning of DPF filters. This is applicable to trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, tractors and cars. Regular care for DPF filters reduces fuel and repair costs and protects the engine from damage.

You can find the products offered by DUNEV MOTOR SPORT in Hall 3, Stand A6.