Tires are protected – with the "Best Tire Protection" Fluid

Течността Best Tire Protection е системата за защита на гумите - течна вулканизирана гума, която се поставя еднократно през винтила на гумата

It is an undisputed fact that tires are a consumable that one should not make a compromise with. They must be in a good operating condition at all times, thus providing the driver with optimal control over the vehicle.

DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 will present a tire protection system – the "Best Tire Protection" fluid. The product is liquid vulcanised rubber which is inserted once through the tire valve. It creates a protective layer covering the inner surface and preventing the air from coming out. The sealing fluid prevents leakage of air from vulnerable areas, including the O-ring, the tire bead chafer and the wheel rim, and all the pores, preventing leakage caused by separation of the different layers of the tire.

Using the product extends the life of the tire, maintains its functionality, reduces harmful emissions, fuel costs and car maintenance costs. "Best Tire Protection" is applicable to light and heavy-duty vehicles as well as agricultural machinery.

You can find the products offered by DUNEV MOTOR SPORT R21 in Hall 3, Stand A6.