To understand the effect of radial vibrational forces, we can imagine the tyre as being composed of “springs” between the wheel and the rim. If the “springs” do not have the same hardness the different forces produce vibrations on the vehicle upon rotation of the wheel. Road Force Measurement® is a kind of measurement very close to the actual radial vibrational forces. This is a computer-simulated measurement of the tyre-to-wheel coupling under close-to-real conditions – a road test.

For the proper maintenance of the vehicle, EMVECO will present HUNTER ROAD FORCE – complete with a load roller that is used for Road Force Measurement®.

The diagnostic machine enables the ForceMatching® method to be used for the first time at the car service level. It achieves aligning the highest point of tyre vibration forces with the lowest point of wheel eccentricity so as to reduce the vibration forces upon mounting the tyre to the wheel. Tyre manufacturers and car makers make this tyre coupling to the wheel using expensive equipment to ensure vibration-free driving for new cars.

The main advantages of the machine to traditional wheel balancing machines are:

- The fastest diagnostic balancing – 1.10 min.
- Size inputting – automatic.
- Balancing mode selection – automatic.
- Positioning of the weights behind the spokes – automatic.
- Wheel profile input – automatic.
- SmartWeight optimization – automatic.
- Wheel eccentricity measurement – automatic.
- Measurement of radial wheel forces – automatic.
- Measurement of lateral pulling forces – automatic.
- Incorrect centering of the wheel relative to the shaft of the machine (error spotting) – automatic.

EMVECO will present HUNTER ROAD FORCE in Hall 3, Stand A2.