The car service is even more successful when the hoist is reliable

The successful operation of our car service depends on the quality and reliable equipment. Car hoists are among the main working tools. This is why, EMVECO will use its participation at Automotive Expo Sofia to present the car hoist of the world's largest manufacturer – Rotary Lift, USA.

The company will present the SPOA3TS-5-EH2 in Hall 3, Stand A2. The electro-hydraulic two-post car hoist has a 3.5-ton load capacity, no friction parts (nut/bolt), no maintenance is needed, no electronic parts are necessary for synchronization of the two trolleys. The speed of lifting and the achievement of low electricity costs are among its main advantages.


SPOA3TS-5-EH2 description:

  • Two hydraulic cylinders inverted with the stems pointing downwards, raising the hoisting trolleys by their upper part (no additional chains are used, etc.).
  • Post profile patented by ROTARY LIFT.
  • Electric unlocking of the mechanical safety feature, lifting and lowering at the push of an electric button.
  • Asymmetrical construction: Front pads 550 mm – 1106 mm, rear pads 876 mm – 1472 mm – provide good opening of the door of the vehicle when positioned on the car hoist.
  • Electric motor 4kW.
  • Minimum pad height – 94 mm.
  • Lifting height – 1978 mm.
  • Internal distance between posts – 2560 mm.
  • Car hoist height – 4170 mm.
  • Lifting time – 30 s.