Providing a pleasant car ambiance

Специалната „VIP“ серия на Кариби - луксозната серия с многообразна палитра от ухания на световноизвестни производители на парфюми

In order for driving to be a pleasure, and not an obligation, we need to create a pleasant atmosphere in the car. Placing the right aromaizer is the basic requirement for the right environment.

The Automotive Expo Sofia will be the place where Caribi will present its special "VIP" Series. It allows the car to have its own perfume, identical to your favorite fragrance. This luxurious series has a diverse palette of scents from world famous perfume producers. These products are also preferred because of their stylish look, complementing the car's interior design.

The company offers a wide range of fragrances on the market with long-lasting and pleasant, unobtrusive flavors. The elegant and comfortable packs also add to the customer's style.

Caribi will present its products in Hall 2, Stand D4.