Viasat Technology presents its intelligent systems

Viasat Technology - GPS системите за контрол на автопаркове, процеса на транспортиране и пътната безопасностпроцеса на транспортиране и пътната безопасност

High technology is the foundation of any modern economic segment. This holds true to the fullest extent for systems that are deployed for fleet control, transportation, and road safety. It is precisely these systems which will also be among Viasat Technology's highlights during its participation at the Automotive Expo Sofia.

The GPS fleet control systems will be among the highlights of the company's presentation. They are designed for companies that run their own car fleet, road vehicles or machinery. The system allows speeding up decision-making and adding flexibility in the corporate activity through the constant control of all vehicles. The company has designed and implemented its own fully telematic platform Viasat Technology SmartTracker with extremely rich capabilities. The system has an open software architecture which allows further development as per the client requirements and connection to external systems.

Transport systems

The Pilot edition of the Bulgarian automotive expo will also be the venue for demonstrating Viasat Technology's Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). These are complex innovative traffic management technologies creating a safer, more optimized, more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport environment. Such a system allows municipalities, public transport operators and passengers to make better informed and coordinated decisions.

The hardware incorporates ALM3A GPS devices for vehicle control, information displays for drivers, and a passenger counting system.

Comprehensive control

Viasat Technology offers systems for the needs of different economic sectors. Proof of this are the managed fuel management and fleet management services.

Control is performed by Viasat Technolgy's Technical Center on the basis of the fuel data recorded by the GPS system. It covers the whole fuel cycle within a fleet with detailed information on its movement and use. The system allows verification of refueling at petrol stations, fuel consumption per kilometer and motor hour, registration of theft.

Viasat Technology will present its products in Hall 2, Stand A5.