Guaranteed success with the Bosch Service network presented by Auto Plus

Bosch Service are car service shops partnering with the world's largest service network on the independent secondary market. There are over 17,000 Bosch Service shops in 150 countries. More than 7,000 of them are in Europe. The service organization has 45 Bosch Service shops in Bulgaria, which makes it the largest service chain of its kind here.

The establishment, management, and expansion of such an organization is impossible without the application of a unified concept prescribing everything starting with the appearance of the car workshop, through the type and number of service activities, the obligatory equipment and qualification of personnel, the type and quality of the services and products offered, and ending with the regular quality control. The concept of Bosch Service is living in changing market conditions. The challenges being caused and not followed by Bosch Service, and, as for other unassociated workshops, to take Bosch Service as an example. Therefore, both the quality of the work performed and customer service are subject to regular audits and tests by Bosch, but also independent external auditors.

Car services

There are three types of car services under the generic name Bosch Service: Bosch Car Service (BCS), Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) and Bosch Diesel Center (BDC). Bosch Car Service shops have a wide range of services offered including diagnostics and repair of electronic control units, inspections and servicing of diesel and petrol cars, mechanical repairs, air conditioning and braking systems, tyre service, batteries. Bosch Car Service are car repair shops for all car makes and models.

Bosch Diesel Service are professionals in the field of diagnostics and repair of diesel fuel systems and the repair of components, including pressure pumps and nozzles. Bosch Diesel Center shops serve diesel cars and trucks and provide diagnostics and professional repair of fuel systems and components. They have the highest level of equipment and the ability to repair all diesel systems on the market.

Bosch offers its service partners long experience and good support. Its reputation for offering high quality shapes the image of Bosch Service as a competent specialist and increases the profits of the workshop. The company provides practical assistance for improvement of the service organization and management of the process to increase loyal customers and attract company fleets. Bosch invests money into marketing and advertising the Bosch Car Service concept, using the relevant media – print, radio, television and online; promotions and events are also being organized. Local advertisements of the service are also supported. To maintain a high level of competence, mechanics attend practical technical trainings organised by Bosch.

New members

Bosch Service is open for new members. The authorization criteria are the same across Europe. The first step is to conclude a preliminary contract and to draw up a plan to meet the requirements. The actual contract is concluded after the criteria have been met. Main ones include stability and loyalty of the company, availability of the necessary equipment and service software, design of the building, training subscribed for, as well as staff availability and development.

In 2018 partner companies Auto Plus and Bosch help those who want to join the service concept, from areas such as service equipment to branding.

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