Made in Bulgaria – Samel-90's armored vehicles

Бронираните машини САМАРМ на българската компания Самел 90 са проектирани да осигуряват максимална защита на екипажа в случай на рискова ситуация

They are armored, have massive exterior and impressive technical features. And most importantly – they are made in Bulgaria. Yes, these are the armored vehicles SAMARM, which will be presented by the Bulgarian company Samel-90 to the general public from 18 to 21 October at Inter Expo Center.

The machine is designed to provide maximum protection to the crew in the event of a risky situation, including attacks by firearms, explosives and mines. The design of this imposing vehicle allows you to mount additional communication equipment, radioelectronic combat, electro-optical instruments, different armaments and other specialized equipment. 

SAMARM can also be a specially designed communication point, mobile fire control system, ambulance, etc. All of this is made in the specially designed workshop and production line of Samel-90 in the Bulgarian town of Samokov.

A company with a huge portfolio

In addition to modern armored vehicles, the company offers an extremely rich portfolio of products and services. These include the development, production, sales and service of special purpose products and engineering systems in the field of telecommunications and telephone equipment, radar systems and radio-resistance systems, surveillance and security systems, management systems.

The company makes products with industrial application and household products – lighting equipment, cable network components and systems, power supply cables and other electronic devices. Furthermore, it designs and produces tools – dies, molds, injection molds, technical devices and more. Samel-90 is also specialized in the production of parts and assemblies made of ceramics for high frequency insulation, piezo-ceramics and ferrite materials, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, bakelite, rubber and plastic by casting, precision turning and milling, punching and laser cutting. Its portfolio also includes galvanic, paint and powder coatings.

All of the Samel-90's products and capabilities offered can be found in Hall 3, Stand C10.