A peek into Van Oborudvane PRO's demo van

It has four wheels. And it is equipped for the needs of auto maintenance. Because it is actually a mobile workshop. This is the demonstration van of "Van Oborudvane PRO", which the company will present during the Automotive Expo Sofia.

The vehicle is equipped with the products of the Italian Syncro-System Group supplied by Van Oborudvane PRO. Visitors will see the vehicle for themselves and will learn what is needed to transform a van into a mobile workshop, according to the requirements and needs of the clients depending on the type of activity they are pursuing.

Here is how the company briefly describes the process. Adapting the van for a mobile workshop can begin by installing a floor and protection of the bus with panels and side covers and linings. The vehicle is then equipped with cabinets, cupboards, shelves and drawers with instrument and tool cases; loading ramps and platforms; cargo bars for securing loads or poles for transporting hanged clothes. The truck should be fitted with accessories in the load compartment, the driver's section and/or the roof.

At Hall 2, Stand B11, visitors will be able to see for themselves and be convinced about the qualities of all the products that are designed and manufactured in the factory of Syncro-System Group in Italy, as well as get consultancy and free 3D visualization of the equipment configured for their own van by the exhibiting company – "Van Oborudvane PRO".