An interview before Automotive Expo: Hristo Genchev, Executive Director of EMVEO

Интервю преди Аутомотив Експо: Христо Генчев, изпълнителен директор на ЕМВЕКО

This year the company celebrate the 25 years anniversary

What are you going offer to the visitors of Automotive Expo?

First of all, I would like to say that this year we celebrate the 25 years anniversary since the establishment of EMVECO. In this regard, in planning our participation in Automotive Expo, we have decided to showcase our most convincing strengths and products, as well as top focus on the equipment of the manufacturers, thanks to which we succeeded to be a successful partner of the car service stations in Bulgaria within this time frame.

We will firstly introduce a hoist by the world's largest manufacturer - Rotary, USA. The model we are going to exhibit is electro-hydraulic with a load capacity of 3.5 tons. I would say that this is currently the most recognizable hoist in Bulgaria, with over 800 installations of different sizes in car service stations that vary in size and activity.

At the stand we will be able to see an equipment by Hunter Engineering Company, USA - one of the most innovative companies in the sector, with numerous patents, that sets the global trends in the wheel alignment & wheel balancing systems. The wheel alignment system we are going to demonstrate is this year’s latest model. What's interesting about it is that it brings to mid-market segment a technology and solutions used by HUNTER in premium wheel aligners.

We talk about the unique patented system for quick gripping of the reflectors that are placed on the car wheel, which will now be available to a wider range of car service stations, which in its turn will result in a higher quality service offered to the end-users – the car owners. Hunter will also present the ROAD FORCE ELITE diagnostic wheel balance system, completed with a load roller that measures RoadForceMeasurement®. This is a computer-simulated measurement of the tire-to-wheel coupling at nearly real road conditions - a road test.

TECO, Italy -a manufacturer of tires will also be present at on our booth, as has been a partner of EMVECO since it’s the very moment of establishment in 1993. We will also exhibit our professional hand tools USAG – our tool that is well-established and recognizable among the professionals. They will be able to see their new nut-setter models, which were presented just a month ago. We are proud of our right to represent the Italian compressors CECCATO, as some of their product range will also be present on our stand.

We are going to present yet another major activity that we have been very successful in over the past few years. These are machines and equipment for carwashes. We have been partnering for already 10 years with one of the leaders in the industry - the German carwash producer OTTO CHRIST AG. This is a company that in 2018, was ranked in the prestigious ranking "Top 100 Innovative Companies" in Germany for the second consecutive year.

Out of all these products we will demonstrate the premium portal check carwash Centus-T Vario Speed. Also, visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the solution we are developing for self-service carwashes. We will demonstrate the actual configuration of a self-service carwash.

This is a field that gains great popularity in our country and the selection of the proper4 configuration and quality components is of great importance for the successful investment in such a project. Of course, in addition to everything related to our carwash stations, we will also be presenting the Belgian car care manufacturer Kenotek.

How do you find the state of play of the automotive sector at the end of 2018?

From our point of view, namely that part of the sector that is mainly car service stations and after-sales maintenance, is marking a slow growth, I would say. All the players in this business, whether a big dealer service station, large chains or medium and small independent repairers, or even a one-man facility, are increasingly complying with the customers and their demands. The competition in attracting customers from the car service stations themselves is tough and this has an impact on the quality of the services that are offered, which to a large extent requires equipment that should be therefore modern, high-quality and reliable. The supply of service equipment has also developed a lot, and our customers now have a wider choice.

There are more and more companies offering equipment, and besides the companies traditionally established for many years to whom I dare add EMVECO, equipment is now available from many new and smaller companies offering machines in the lower price segment, some of which even not having properly distinctive brand. The information is now everywhere around us and it is so easy just upon ew clicks to find out a lot of equipment manufacturers located everywhere around the world. The experience, the service and the knowledge on the equipment, as well as the reliability of the equipment manufacturers themselves, are essential for those who will invest in this. What I am impressed with is the rigidity in the acceptance of new ideas and technologies presented by the equipment manufacturers.

What drives manufacturers to develop models new or improve existing equipment is the idea that the equipment itself is not sufficient to improve the efficiency of a car service station. Еquipment is planned and constructed already as part of the entire chain of attracting, servicing and keeping customers. Through various innovations, including innovative software, equipment is a tool for creating customer’s loyalty. In this part, our market is falling behind by refusing to accept these new technologies that require a change in the attitude and organization of the service itself because of the fear of novelties and the concern not to spoil something that runs well. But worldwide changing markets seem to be winning.

What are the plans for developing your business?

As I said at the beginning, the main thing we focus on is quality equipment from proven manufacturers. These are the companies that are driving the world trends in this domain. The transfer of Bulgarian market to the innovation they bring is something that we will continue to do because we believe it is right and will help raise the level in the automotive sector.

The golden business rule we have long tried to keep to is that merchants should be getting closer to their customers. Such a proximity speaks of  knowledge of the nature and essence of the car service stations, anticipation of their needs and the need for different solutions to deal with the problems they face. That's what we are trying to do - always get close and be at hand for our clients. We rely on our four offices in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas, as well as on mobile merchants who visit our customers on a permanent basis.

We strive to be useful with our knowledge and experience, with the variety of products and solutions we have access to in our contacts with our suppliers - the equipment manufacturers. We are currently considering options to increase our presence in some of the other major cities either through our own offices or through partnerships with locally based colleagues.

And last but not least, we continue to improve one of our strengths, which is  a must for any company that wants to be successful - the EMVECO service team, thanks to which we manage to cope and meet the high demands and expectations of our customers - installation, service and maintenance of  the equipment we sell. Investing in such a team pays off at the end.